Motorvalley Experience Ltd.

MotorValley Experience is an award-winning family-run company that was established in 2005 in Modena, Italy. The city has long been associated with some of the most renowned supercars in the world, with Ferrari, Pagani and Maserati located just around the corner from the Lamborghini factory.

My name is Rheda, daughter of Bitonti’s family, in 2014 I began promoting Italian supercar events and luxury Italian tours in the UK. I consider myself a true petrol-head, my passion for promoting supercar experiences escalated, and led me setting up the first luxury tour and travel agency in the South of England that specialises in supercar holidays and Formula 1 experiences.

Since bringing MotorValley Experience to the UK, I have become the President of the Scuderia Ferrari Club in Bournemouth. The Scuderia Ferrari Club encourages the growth of the local Ferrari network and gives MotorValley Experience the opportunity to increase its range of exclusive supercar events and tours.

As a company, MotorValley Experience is passionate about working with local and nationwide charity organisations to raise money for amazing causes. From fantastic raffle prizes to experience days, we’re more than happy to discuss your charity’s fundraising ideas.

Because of our personal knowledge and expertise, our clients experience authentic, unforgettable moments as they explore the very best roads. Our clients will experience road trips that wind through iconic cities, enjoy stunning accommodation, take pleasure in eye-opening culinary delights and of course will feel and drive amazing supercars.

If you ask me what my favourite supercar is, well I will answer you during one of our Supercar Tour.

Hope to see you soon from the view rear mirror of my car…

3 Lorne Park Road
BH1 1AH Bournemouth
United Kingdom
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