DB5 Believed to have orignally belonged to the late actress Beryl Reid, this Midnight Blü DB5 was sold in 2011 to an Aston Martin collector.

 After careful examination, the extreme rarity of the car (one of only 123 DB5 convertibles built) deserved - and required - something more than a simple coat of paint. He therefore entrusted the car to the Heritage specialists at Aston Martin Works for a full and comprehensive restoration. On our website you can see some of the highlights of the restoration.Meticulous DetailA complete restoration of this type is handled within four milestone stages. -M1- involved completely dismantling the car in order to confirm the full work schedule and an assessment of each component, from engine and chassis to dashboard clock. This is done with a meticulous level of detail, including every part being laid on to a white sheet and photographed to provide a complete record of the work to be completed. Fortunately this car was 100 per cent complete and original, despite its condition, meaning that any parts that were remade were done with total veracity to the original.Chassis RebuildMilestones 2 + 3 saw the chassis rebuilt and powder-coated, the body remade, fitted and painted. This process went relatively smoothly with the only significant problem being at the back of the chassis where spots had rotted away at the rear-axle mounting points. This lead to a couple of weeks work to make half a new chassis and to carry out some extensive body repairs to the bottom six inches of the front and lower wings and to the rear valance. With a full gearbox rebuild and all other mechanical components being stripped back to bare metal and re-coated and glossed, everything was refitted to the car using new fasteners throughout.

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