Building bespoke classic mustangs

Wild Horses is a company dedicated to creating bespoke Mustangs. Based on the M 90 near Edinburgh in Scotland.We provide 3 main services, however we welcome all enquiries.Sourcing the right car for youRestoring your Mustang to its original stateBuilding bespoke vehiclesWe have a specialist interest in updating the classic mustang with modern technology, resulting in a classic car that is much easier to live with whilst retaining all its classicClassic mustangs have a few issüs when left stock, they are known for the boat like handling qualities and thirty nature of the huge V8 engines.We are looking at these issüs and providing what we think is a very subtle yet positive inflünce to the mustangs suspension, brakes, transmision and engine. All our modifications are completed in a way that keeps all the appeal of the 1960-s muscle car whilst allowing the car to be reliable and fun to use on a daily basis.You can source a mustang from us which we will build + renovate to your specification.Using some of the best engineering firms, parts suppliers, trimmers and a lot of patience, we can put together the finest mustangs available in the UK.We work very closely with the customer, spending a lot of time at the specification stage, making sure we both know exactly what is required. A car is then sourced and the build process begins. depending on the build it usually takes 2-3 months to complete a car after it has been ordered

Fruix Farm
KY13OLA near Kinross
United Kingdom
+44 (0) 7891537042
Partex Global GmbH
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