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Now celebrating over 15 years of successful sale and export of the classic British taxi world-wide, London Taxi Exports now the UK industry leader with the largest stock-holding of the classic taxi plus full on-stock spare parts inventory.Taxis sold for another life outside of London in use all over the world from film- companies, hotels, restaurants, language schools, airports, courtesy cars, limousines, mini-buses, crew-cabs, veterinary surgeons, plumbers, rock-groups, rabbis, priests, cello + bass players, market traders, + mums and dads. Also sold as museum pieces, sculptures, to be blown up, cut-in half, buried in the ground and others mostly as classic cars. Now many thousands of clients all over the globe.We have been featured in many car magazines, films, TV programs, news reports, newspapers, as the UK-s largest and most experienced dealer with the largest stocks and expertise.London Taxi Exports run by a team of dedicated experienced professionals, we are all part of a group of operators and our commercial arm includes: London Touring, Adcabs, Wedding Taxis, and our very own club for enthusiasts, The Fairway owner drivers clubWe do not offer Old Bangers or Cheap taxis, all cabs on sale are automatically checked out by independent Govt test stations and offered with a peace of mind policy, We supply all parts as required for service and or MOT pass. We hear many Horror stories about nasty wrecks bought via auction sites that end up costing many times what has been paid simply to keep them on the road. We do not recommend this method of purchase but of course since we keep parts available if that-s what you need, joining our Fairway owners club is probably a good suggestion as we are then on hand for low cost parts and sound advice.We are buyers of taxicabs and prospective vendors should contact us with details of any taxicab that they wish to sell. Any quantity of taxi parts are always wanted to purchase, any insurance write-offs, trade buy ins, finance buy backs are always welcome

Cobblers Lane
MK43 0XN Ridgmont
United Kingdom
44 1 525 288 555
44 1 525 288 647
Partex Global GmbH
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