The Motoring Journal examines the profound relationship of man and automobile, motor racing history, intriguing personalities, motoring adventures, and the many skillful forms of expression that only car culture breeds. The design is intended to be timeless and non-obtrusive, purposely stepping back to let the content be the art.The Motoring Journal is supported by its readers and sponsors rather than multiple advertising pages, focusing less on the commercial side of the industry; more on the history, ideas, art and culture, lifestyle, equipment, personalities, travels, photography, generally coming from a purist point of view.Happy Motoring~Christophe L RungeYT: E_-2FnwDzzI Country MileIn the never ending storm of Concours D-Elegance type events we thought it might be nice to offer something different in a place most car people never visit! The Motoring Journal has teamed with Ragtop Brigada Car Club to present The Country Mile, a celebration of European Motoring in Central Minnesota.The day starts with a park and shoot during the morning at TMJ-s family farm, followed by a light lunch. Continuing into the afternoon with a pleasant road tour featuring scenic byways and off-the-beaten-path food stop and photo ops all in one sunny Saturday. It-s something you won-t want to miss!For more info contact us.

United Kingdom
Christophe L Runge
Partex Global GmbH
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