Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.

The Real Car Co Ltd.Specialist dealers in early Rolls-Royce and Bentley cars.The Real Car Company was established in 1987 by Ray Arnold + Ian Johnstone. It was a hobby that -Got out of hand-. Our interest in cars of the type that we now sell goes back to our childhoods, and ownership back to the 1970-s. Gradually more cars started passing through our hands, and by 1986 we had decided to make a full time occupation of buying and selling the cars that we love.We started with a single car (all we could afford) which we sold quickly, and before we knew it we had 4 or 5 on our hands! This was alongside another business that we were involved in at the time. In the Spring of 1988 we gave up the other business, (exhaust systems), rented part of the premises that we still operate from now, and went full time.We had a good start in the boom years of the late eighties, which set us up well enough for us to ride the storm of recession in the years that followed. As the years went on the number of cars going through our hands increased gradually, we built up a workforce, and now in 2011 we carry a stock of around 40 to 50 vehicles and there are ten of us here. In 1999 we were awarded -International Classic Car Dealer of the Year- by Classic Cars Magazine. The market for -our- kind of cars is nicely stable, generally prices are creeping upwards all the time, and we feel that investing in a car - or cars - of the type that we sell is generally a great place to put your money. Don-t do it just for investment, but you can get a great deal of pleasure from these vehicles, prices are - in our opinion - unlikely to drop, and you can-t drive a share certificate! Some prices in the last three or four years have moved up considerably, and these cases have shown a tremendous return on investment.Over the last twenty years or so we have brought home several hundred cars from the USA, and we are always looking for more. If you know of a Rolls-Royce or Bentley anywhere in the world, in absolutely any condition, please let us know. Distance no object, commissions happily paid. We always particularly enjoy the -barn finds-.We look forward to meeting you!

LL57 4YS Bethesda
United Kingdom
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