Classic Jaguar Replicas(CJR) is a family business run by father and son, who have been working with and building from the chassis up, Jaguar C-type, D-type and XKSS replicas for more than 20 years.Occasionally an original C-Type will change hands at astronomic prices, leaving the rest of us to dream about owning one, but at CJR we specialise in making dreams come trü.YT: cNfGnxCC5Fg Phil Cottrell started CJR as a hobby. Working with Jaguars for many years as a master spanner-man, restorer and dealer, including a stint at Le Mans in the 1980-s as one of the pit crew provided him with the passion he feels for these cars. So much so, the first two classic Jaguar replicas he built he kept for himself. Both were D-Types; one a long nose and the other a short nose. This led to an order for his first customer car - a long nose D-Type.Phil-s primary business interest in those days was Thatcham Mini Centre; a company specialising in the service, restoration and performance tuning of classic Minis. Not long after, a call came from Realm Engineering in 2002 asking him to assist with the development of the Heritage C-Type Jaguar, recently acquired by Realm. This is what Phil needed to build CJR into what it is today which is a successful, specialised builder of C-Type replicas including Heritage C-Types and their own aluminium cars.In 2005, Phil was joined by his son, Oliver (Oli) who gave up a promising career as a DJ, to capitalise on his engineering background and share the passion for these magnificent cars.CJR is a small, dynamic, low-overhead family business, dedicated to high quality hand construction of replica C-Types as trü to the original as possible, but with superior handling and performance, all at a highly competitive price. With nineteen delivered C-Type replicas to our name, we have a knowledge base and wealth of experience in this field, second to none. We like and are proud of what we do. We love our cars. Our customers are our friends. Why not join them?Our market is global and we are pleased to advise on the built cars suitability for import around the world as it dös vary from country to country.

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