Rosemary Croft

AUSTIN PARKINSONThe specialist forDe Dion-BoutonReplacement PartsI have been a De Dion-Bouton owner for 35 years with my 1904 twin cylinder 10hp type W with rear entrance tonneau. Together with my family I have rallied extensively in England and into Europe, covering 60,000 miles as well the annual London to Brighton Veteran Car Run which I first did in 1973. As a keen member of The Veteran Car Club of GB we have used my twin cylinder on events such as -John O-Groats to Lands End- and the re-enactment of the 19001000 Mile Trial. I really enjoy the opportunity to use my De Dion on a long distance rally.Since the 1970-s I have owned De Dion-Bouton Tricycles, a Quadricycle and for sometime, my wife had a 1901 vis a vis, which she used on rallies and to do the London to Brighton. I have owned several other veteran motor cars over the years but still regard the De Dion-Bouton as the best!Over the years I have realised that there is a need for good quality replacement parts to keep these vehicles in good running order, and began to look around for people to make parts for my collection. I have had many lengthy, interesting and enjoyable conversations with other De Dion-Bouton enthusiasts, offering advice and sharing knowledge. Gradually, this service I am now offering evolved..........I was fortunate to be able to have on loan various parts from friends from which I had patterns made to enable me to offer the extensive range of good quality, British made professionally manufactured replacement parts for early De Dion-Bouton vehicles covering the years 1898-1904 Tricycles, all single cylinder cars and 10hp and 12hptwin cylinders.When I began my research and to look at the possible demand for these parts in Britain and Europe, I was overwhelmed by the number and variety of De Dion-Bouton engines still in existence all around the world.I hope you will enjoy persuing this site where you will find pictures and details of all available items. The majority of these items can be despatched to you straight off the shelf thus avoiding the frustrating wait for individual parts to be made.I am extremely pleased with my latest addition to the list, the single cylinder blocks, which are ready to fit for 8hp engines, with blocks for the 6hp following shortly.Please contact me via email, fax or if you prefer to chat, please telephone me and I will be happy to discuss your requirements.I look forward to hearing from yoPlease see our parts list:

Rosemary Lane
GU6 8EU Alfold
United Kingdom
Austin Parkinson
01403 752225
Ersatzteile / Parts
Partex Global GmbH
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