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The National Motor Museum houses a fascinating and varied collection of over 250 vehicles including a reconstruction of a 1930s garage and offers a number of programmes suited to all Key Stages.The History of Motoring Man-s dream of a horseless carriage led to experiments with sail, steam and pedal power before the invention of the internal combustion engine changed our world.

Follow the development of the car from the dawn of motoring to the present day or focus on specific periods in motoring.
Britain since the 1930s. Recall the days when food was wrapped in paper, before decimalisation and metric weights, providing a fascinating insight into life in 20th century Britain. Particular attention is paid to the motor car in war and peace, developments in car design and life in a local garage.
Motoring fun
This entertaining programme lifts the lid on some of the quirkier aspects of motoring history.

  • Since 1972, the National Motor Museum has been governed by The National Motor Museum Trust, an independent charity. It boasts a world famous collection of vehicles and associated motoring archives.
  • Today, Beaulieu is one of the leading visitor attractions in the UK, a member of Visit England, Tourism South East, Hampshire Top Attractions, Treasure Houses of England and the Historic Houses Association.
  • Beaulieu Enterprises Ltd is also the operational custodian of Beaulieu’s sister attraction Buckler’s Hard. The Beaulieu River on which Buckler’s Hard sits, is now a natural and sheltered yacht haven offering permanent and short term berths and moorings in its marina.

SO42 7ZN Beaulieu Brockenhurst
United Kingdom
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