Targa Florio Classic 2017
Targa Florio Classic 2017Targa Florio Classic 2017Targa Florio Classic 2017Targa Florio Classic 2017Targa Florio Classic 2017

4. bis 7. Oktober 2018

Targa Florio and its classic cars' tradition is well represented by the competition of cars built before 1977. Targa Florio Classic is a historic regularity race which recalls significant parts of motorsport history. As it should be, this prestigious competition hosts many prominent brands with their exclusive models. It is deeply felt by the specialists of this kind of race where a full harmony between car and crew is crucial

Also, the race gives the opportunity to discover several nice and evocative places of Sicily, driving through fascinating territories and landscapes.

The grand finale is on the Madonie mountains touching the towns linked to the famous race on the "Grande", "Medio" and "Piccolo" Madonie Circuit.



Segreteria Ufficio Sportivo: Patrizia La Delfa

Telefono:+ 39 091 300468 // + 39 338 8590498 //

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