The Rømø Motor Festival

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The idea behind the Rømø Motor Festival, that took place for the first time last year (2016), is to honour the tradition for speedracing on the 14 kilometer long beach on the nearby island of Fanø.

From 1919 till 1924 this was the place, where man and machine were racing to be the fastest on the planet. The racing however was stopped by the authorities, when Sir Malcolm Campbells vehicle during a run lost one of its tyres. Unfortunately the stray tyre hit and killed a 15 year old boy watching the race.

Fast forward to modern days: Five men from the danish old school hot rod hobby decided to stop talking and dreaming and instead go for it, and making their dream of a beachrace honoring the history of the Fanø-races come true.

With the help and support of local and state authorities they managed to get a permission to race on Lakolk Beach, Rømø.

The beach is one of the largest in Europe and is connected to the mainland some 12 kilometers away by a dam with a road. Fanø was never really in question, as all vehicles, teams, participants, officials and spectators would have to be ferried in and out. In short: Rømø was and is the perfect location for a beachrace.

9. september 2016 some 40 cars and bikes took part in the first race on the beach. The idea is not to set new landspeed records. It is to honour the history and tradition. And have fun - a lot actually!

This means: All cars have to be pre-1941 - all bikes pre 1947. No parts or engines newer. All drivers/teams in periodcorrect clothing matching the year of their vehicles. All press, officials and volunteers in periodcorrect clothing.

2016 was a huge success. And 9. september 2017 some 80 cars and bikes raced the beach at the second Rømø Motor Festival, and somewhere between 8.000 and 10.000 spectators watched the race. A truly enthusiastic crowd that cheered ALL participants racing on the 1/8 mile dragstrip on sand.

Racers and teams from eight countries raced in the sand this year - and (true to tradition I guess) the fastest man on the sand was an englishman: Adrian Smith in his Buckland Special built on a 29 Ford A and powered by a hopped up Ford V8 Flathead who hit a mindblowing (!) speed of 68,35 mph.

Fastest biker was Martin Birk Andersson (Sweden) hitting 64 mph on his Harley-Davidson WL.

The race has in only two years become one of the largest classic racing events in Scandinavia. And it is for free - as in: it does not cost you anything as a spectator to watch an entire day of racing in the sand.

And it is - as on many of the beaches on the danish westcoast - allowed to drive on the beach (max. 30 kph) and park there.

Financing the festival is the racecamp in Skærbæk on the mainland. The camp opens for camping on thursday, and friday and saturday six bands and a DJ supplies the crowd with plenty of old school music. The camp also includes clothesstalls, foodstalls and a vintage barbershop. The ambience in the racecamp is truly amazing, and many of the racers and teams camp here amongst raceheads, greasers and hotrodders.

In short: Quite a party...

Date 2018 event:
Currently the five founders and their dedicated volunteers are planning the Rømø Motor Festival 2018. When a date is set you will be informed.

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The pictures showes: Fastest man on the beach, englishman Adrian Smith. Photo: Mark Petersen. Below 1: A view over the pitarea. Photo: Bjarne Bredahl. Below 2: Having fun near the wawes. Photo: Pony Fotoes. Below 3: Competitors and gentlemen. Photo: David Carlo. Below 4: Driver and gentleman Morten Hoybye (DEN). Photo: Mads Krabbe. Below: 5: The joy of racing. Photo: Mads Krabbe.

Youtube Film 2018

Montag, 09. Oktober 2017
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The Rømø Motor FestivalThe Rømø Motor Festivalbild4.jpgThe Rømø Motor Festival
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