Porsche 2013

Goodwood is honouring the 50th anniversary of one of the world's most versatile and popular sports cars – the Porsche 911 – at the Festival of Speed 2013.

The main 'Central Feature' will mark this prestigious milestone with a one-off 911-inspired sculpture displayed prominently outside Goodwood House. A dedicated class of road and racing 911s, covering all seven generations of the iconic sports car, will take to Goodwood Hillclimb twice each day over this Summer weekend for a special parade.

Porsche 500The 911 has played a key role in helping to put the Festival of Speed on the map over the last 20 years. Whether appearing in action in road and race form on the testing 1.16-mile Goodwood Hillclimb, spitting gravel sideways around the Forest Rally Stage, or sitting serenely static yet inviting on the Cartier 'Style et Luxe' concours lawn or Porsche exhibition stand.
50 years of Porsche

The 911 has been at the very heart of the Porsche brand for the past five decades. Few other sports cars in the world can look back on such a long tradition and continuity as the Porsche 911. It has been inspiring car enthusiasts the world over since its debut as the model 901 at the IAA International Automotive Show at Frankfurt in September 1963. Today the truly versatile 911 is considered by its many devoted fans to be the quintessential sports car, and the central point of reference for all other Porsche series, as each of the marque's other models carry a piece of the 911's philosophy.
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