Skinner’s Union
  • Burlen Ltd, the world’s sole manufacturer of Skinner’s Union (SU), AMAL and Zenith carburettors, fuel pumps and spares, is gearing up for an exciting appearance at the 2017 Goodwood Revival
  • Situated on the famous high street, Burlen’s striking stand will be showing off all things SU carbs, spares and fuel pumps, together with an exclusive insight into the latest developments of its eagerly awaited SUi carb
  • SUi is a completely one-of-a-kind complete fuelling system, part of which sees a fuel injection device work inside a carburettor to enhance performance and reduce emissions
  • Burlen will also be debuting Skinner’s Union Clothing at the Goodwood Revival, with branded, handmade tweed caps available in ‘Bond’ and ‘Gatsby’ styles
  • Caps will be measured and made by Burlen’s seamstresses and tailors

Salisbury, 6 September 2017

Burlen Ltd, the world’s only manufacturer of genuine Skinner’s Union (SU), AMAL and Zenith carburettors, is planning a show-stopping appearance at the 2017 Goodwood Revival.

The Salisbury-based company prides itself on being one of standout exhibitors at the annual festival, and it’s pulling out all the stops to ensure it gives visitors something to savour once again.

Burlen has hit headlines around the world for its revolutionary SUi project, and the Goodwood Revival will be one of the first chances for media and potential customers to get a glimpse at what promises to be a game-changing product.

SUi is a completely one-of-a-kind complete fuelling system, part of which sees a fuel injection device work inside a carburettor to enhance performance and reduce emissions, and Burlen will be on hand at Goodwood to discuss its latest developments.

A full triple-carb unit on display – set for a 4.2 Jaguar E-Type (the first launched kit) – will be available to view, while Burlen will also be releasing headline figures to members of the press and gearing up to its big launch. The system will be displayed alongside a regular system to show visitors the vital differences in the newcomer.

Also on the Burlen stand will be the all-new line of Skinner’s Union Clothing – branded, handmade tweed caps. The Dorset-made items are available in Bond and Gatsby styles and are sure to cause a stir.

Burlen has seamstresses and tailors on hand to measure and craft the SU-branded caps before customers’ eyes and give them a lasting souvenir. The custom-made caps are only available while stocks last.

There’ll also be the usual array of fun activities, exciting demonstrations and expert advice from the Burlen team, with free information packs also available from the stylishly designed stand.

Mark Burnett, Managing Director of Burlen, said: “It's great to be back once again on the Goodwood Revival High Street and what better place to promote the very best of British? Our SUi injection system is now in the latter stages of development and we're really pleased to be able to show off the pre-production kit and components. And exciting times as we debut the first items from our new clothing line, Skinner's Union Clothing. We're trying something really fun and unique, offering off-the-shelf and 'made while you wait' tweed caps right on the Goodwood High Street! We look forward to welcoming one and all.”

Editor’s Notes

Burlen Ltd is the world’s sole manufacturer of genuine Skinner’s Union (SU), AMAL and Zenith caburettors, fuel pumps and spares.

The origins of the Salisbury-based company go back to 1971 when a partnership between John Burnett and Mike Cullen was formed and called Burlen Services; at that point, it was simply a garage workshop.

There was always a distinct bias towards sports cars and the firm became Morgan Agents in 1973.

The first real involvement in carburettors came in the 1974 fuel crisis when every customer wanted more miles to the gallon above all else. Burlen were appointed Official SU agents and Zenith Solex Agents as well as a Weber Dealer. The mail-order and spares side of the business grew rapidly and particularly in the emerging classic car field.

Burlen co-operated with the then SU factory to ensure the continuation of some threatened products. The HS and HD carburettors are prime examples of two such products, as in the early eighties the tooling for these was due to be scrapped.

Burlen agreed to purchase a minimum quantity of these lines, which fortunately saved the day. A further high point in the co-operation between Burlen and SU was a complicated joint venture involving both SAAB and Volvo to rescue the bankrupt Solex UK IV and CD production lines in 1985/6. At the same time, the Burlen Fuel Systems Limited company was formed, leaving the partnership trading with Morgan.

By 1987, the SU logo had been neglected for some years as the SU factory was known as ARG Fuel Systems and fast-moving product was distributed by Unipart. Burlen approached the factory and an agreement was reached to relaunch the SU & Zenith logos and liveries as they appear today.

Following many years of co-operation, Burlen now manufacture all SU carburettors and all SU Electric and mechanical fuel pumps. Burlen continue to manufacture the Zenith IV and CD carburettors.

Burlen continues to supply this service to vintage and classic car and motorcycle owners accross the globe, and proudly so.

Text / Foto: Presseinformation

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